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Profit Sharing February 18, 2011

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Early last week someone I didn’t recognize was walking around the office handing out envelopes. I didn’t think much of it, because my company often does stuff for one-year employees, teams who have recently done something well, or other things like that. I did notice that there were a LOT of envelopes, so I figured it was something for anyone who had been there more than a year or something. I’ve been really busy at work, so I really didn’t give it much thought.

A day or two later, my boss stopped by my cubicle first thing in the morning. In a low voice she informs me that the envelops were profit sharing, which the company didn’t do in the past but has for the last two years or so. She said that the cut-off they set was 5 months. Since I didn’t start until September, that means I wasn’t eligible for profit sharing for 2010. She wanted to talk to me about it, because she was sure that people would be mentioning it around the office and she wanted me to know that it wasn’t based on performance and I shouldn’t be offended or upset or anything.

Although I wasn’t offended and didn’t really need reassurance, I really respect and appreciate that my boss stopped by to talk to me about it. A few other new people around the office were not made similarly aware by their bosses, and I can see how it could have led to upset feelings. I definitely appreciate that my boss wanted me to know that it wasn’t performance based, and that I’ll be included next year. That means that she thinks I’m doing well, and that she expects me to be around for at least another year. Don’t get me wrong, there is very rarely turnover by people who have been at the company less than 2 years or so. But I’m so used to working in jobs where the turnover is high, that it’s nice to hear my boss talk about something (and more money in my pocket, especially!) that far into the future.


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