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Chicago Plans! August 6, 2010

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I have a lot to report, but unfortunately not much time in which to do it! I did a great job of keeping track of all of my receipts and recording all of my spending transactions in July, but not so great of a job on not spending money! If I have a chance I’ll post more on that one day.

But the more important part for right now is that I have a job! I don’t start until early September, and it is contingent on me finishing my MA this summer. That won’t be a problem, I’ve been in contact with my adviser and it will be done by the end of this month. However, that does me I’m going to have very little free time for other things!

This week my friend and I put in an application for an apartment, and we found out today that our application has been approved. I had to have my dad co-sign, since my friend and I both have minimal credit history, so that was sad. But it’s okay, everyone has to start somewhere! I pulled my credit report a few weeks ago and the only things listed are my credit card (4 years of being paid on time every month), my student loans from this year (which I’m not even required to start paying back until 6 months after finishing school), and a utility bill that an old roommate didn’t pay (the last bill in my name, which she told me was taken care of) that I paid off when I found out it was in collections – that was about 3 years ago. Those are literally the only things on my credit report, so I can understand why they felt I have insufficient credit history. It really sucks that when you pay your bills on time, they don’t get reported to credit agencies! But I’m veering off topic here. The company and landlord are drawing up a lease, and hopefully we can sign and start moving in next week!

Between moving, finishing my thesis, and starting a new job I’m not sure that I’ll have time to update again in the near future – but once I finish the thesis and start this job, money will be fun to think about again! I’ll post when I can with more updates.


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