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Chicago? June 7, 2010

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Well, the past couple weeks have been interesting. I’ve found out that I cannot teach classes on campus this fall, due to low enrollment. Which means I really have no reason to stick around here for another year.

A friend and I have been talking about moving to Chicago and being roommates for over two years. He moved up there about a week ago, because he got a great job offer.

Now I’m really torn – should I stay here, continue trying to get research done, apply for more PhD programs, and see what happens . . . or should I move to Chicago, find a job, and put off a PhD indefinitely.

I’ve been browsing through job listings in Chicago and have found quite a bit of stuff I’m interested in, so I’m leaning toward looking for a job. My main reason for considering PhD programs is because it would open more doors into the field I’m interested in. If I can break into the field without a PhD, there’s really no reason not to start working.

I’m working at summer camps (as a desk clerk 20 hours per week, not a full-time camp counselor) for five weeks starting next week. I think I’m going to take advantage of that time to start putting my resume out there and applying for jobs around Chicago.

My lease here is up in August. I can renew it if I decide to stick around for a while longer, but if I do decide to go to Chicago, the timing is pretty much perfect.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


One Response to “Chicago?”

  1. Carlin Says:

    If I were in your shoes I think that I would work to get started on the career path without the extra degree. Even if it didn’t work out the option to continue your education is still there. And with regards to Chicago it seems like things could be lining up for quite a nice move.

    But inevitably you just have to do whatever feels best to you.

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