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Summer Jobs May 25, 2010

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In addition to working at baseball games and filling in for the secretary role, I filled out paperwork yesterday to be a desk clerk at a couple of summer camps on campus. I worked as a camp counselor at these camps for a few summers, and though I loved that experience, I definitely don’t have time for that this year. I think working at the desk will be a fun way to still be sort of involved with camp, make a little extra income, and still not be tied up with work all summer. The job mostly involves sitting at the desk watching the main entrance to the building (which is usually locked) to make sure strangers don’t come in, and checking in parents, guests, etc., who come to visit the camp. Hopefully I’ll be able to use some of my time at the desk to work on my summer research also – especially when my hours are later in the evening, so not much is going on around the building.

Have you ever intentionally worked part-time jobs instead of a full-time job? What were the circumstances around it? For anyone who is a student, have you found any interesting or unusual summer jobs this year?


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