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Greetings from Australia! January 9, 2010

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I’ve been in Australia for one week now on my 3-week winter study abroad. Tomorrow we head to New Zealand. This is my first experience being out of the country, and, consequently, dealing with exchange rates.

My bank recommended that I hang on to all receipts, since the numbers won’t match up (once it’s convered from AUD to USD, plus a 3% exchange rate fee) and some may take a while to process. I’ve been keeping track of everything I put on my credit card, which I normally NEVER do because I normally log into my online banking at least once a day. So far it’s going alright, but if anyone has any tips to share on converting currency or how you keep track of things when abraod, I’m listening! Right now the exchange rate is almost 1:1 (I think it’s currently 1 AUD = .92 USD), which makes it easy to estimate prices in my head. In New Zealand the rate is 1 USD = 1.4ish NZD, so that shouldn’t be too hard to estimate either (I’ll just round it to 1.5NZD/1USD.

Please share your tips or advice about money while I’m overseas!


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  1. positiontrader Says:

    Have fun and take care!!

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