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No Spend Month? October 1, 2009

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I’ve been thinking about doing another No Spend Month, because I know my spending has been a little crazy in the past few months. I don’t think I’ve spend a horribly large amount of useless stuff, the problem is just that I’m really not sure how much I’ve spent or what I’ve spent it on. Since my summer income was really random, and my income for the rest of the year will be too, tracking has been much more difficult.

Part of this is because I don’t really like Wesabe anymore. That is, I like the site, but since they did all of their changes to make the site more intuitive, it actually seems much less intuitive to me. I hate the way the message boards are set up, and that is the main feature I used before. I’ve been thinking about trying Mint, but I’m so apathetic lately. I’m on campus for what seems like a million hours a week, and then I come home and have a few more hours of studying to do. It’s very hard to care about anything else! I’d been using Wesabe for a year and a half to track my income and expenses, and while I still track almost everything (except a few miscellaneous cash expenditures which probably total $50 to $100 over the course of the past six months), I don’t have it all in a nice convenient place.

Anyway. Over the summer I knew I would be spending quite a bit on car repairs (ended up being about $2500) and health insurance for the current school year ($1000), plus various travel expenses, so I never gave myself a set budget and didn’t worry about saving – if I could pay the current bills with money I made from the summer without dipping into savings too much, that was good enough for me!

But now I’m back to “real life,” at least in the sense of having semi-regular income and very regular bills. I also now have $10000 in student loan debt, which will double when next semester starts. Of course, this makes current saving all the more important, because I don’t like being in debt again! About $4000 went to tuition, and the other $6000 will be put toward study abroads (one of which is in January).

Someone help me be motivated again!

One month of grad school down, eleven more to go . . . .


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