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New Bills September 8, 2009

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For my old job, I worked in Residence Life so I didn’t pay rent, utilities, etc. I spent 2 years in that position, and starting in June of this year I began paying “real bills” again. I was sub-leasing a place in June and July, and at that apartment everything was included with the “rent” price.

I paid rent for August, and now I’m beginning to receive my first set of bills. This is what I anticipate my bills being, per month, for the next six to twelve months (depending on how long I stay at this apartment).

*Rent: $150
I’ll write more about my apartment and why it’s so cheap in another entry.

*Utilities: $50
My first utility bill, for 2 weeks in August, was $34.40 split between the two of us (so $17 each). I expect it’ll be somewhat higher during the winter months, and I’ll cover more about this in the “cheap apartment” entry.

*Internet: $49
My roommate doesn’t have a computer, so we’re not splitting this. She also doesn’t want cable (and neither do I, really), so there’s no point bundling with other services.

*Car insurance: $35
This might get even lower, given that I just turned 25 last week.

*Cell phone: $60
I share a family plan with my younger brother and my father, but Brother and I split the cost and don’t charge Dad. Total each month is around $120, split between Brother and myself. We usually take turns paying rather than each paying our share, however, he recently bought an iPhone so his portion of the bill will go up substantially. I will probably start paying my share to him each month and letting him be responsible for paying the bill.

I’ve never given myself a fixed budget for groceries or gasoline, which are usually my biggest discretionary expenses. I don’t intend to start that now. I use minimal gasoline, because I don’t drive a lot (mainly because I don’t have time to go anywhere during the school year!), and I love food and go out to eat substantially less when I have groceries at home (so spending more at the grocery balances out with spending less on eating out).

Am I missing anything major here? I am thinking about looking into renter’s insurance, any thoughts on that? Anyone have experiences to share?


2 Responses to “New Bills”

  1. not required Says:

    your roomie doesn’t have a computer nor interested in a TV, is she Amish by any chance?…lol
    i can never live without a Pc, maybe cuz i m in IT field.

    35$ car insurance thats super cheap. I pay around 150 and i am over 25 :(

  2. girlnextdoorfinance Says:

    She isn’t Amish, but she is serious about paying off student loans! She also has internet access at work and at her boyfriend’s house. Neither of us even spend much time at our apartment, so paying for cable doesn’t make much sense. We wouldn’t even have a TV, except that whoever lived here last left an old TV here. (We don’t have a DVD player though, so we can’t actually watch anything on it!)

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