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End of Summer September 6, 2009

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This weekend baseball wraps up, so that job will soon be done. I have a spreadsheet where I was keeping track of all of the money I made from the job, but haven’t been able to update since I turned in my old laptop. I’ve been keeping track in a notebook, but it might take me a while to find the old spreadsheet, update it, and figure everything out. It’s not really vital that I know exactly how much I made working there, it’s just of interest to me.

My graduate assistantship started last week, and I’ll be paid once a month on the last working day of the money. I’m anticipating each check being about $800 after taxes, but I won’t know exactly until the end of this month. I took out $10,500 in student loans for the semester, about $4.5k of which went to pay for tuition. The rest has gone straight to savings. I’ll use some to pay for my study abroad in January, the rest will sit there until its time to re-pay student loans, assuming no emergencies come up.

The summer job has led to two bartending jobs for this fall. I’ll be working in the clubhouse at football games on campus here (6 Saturdays total throughout the semester), and bartending at Titans games in Nashville (10 or 12 Sundays throughout the semester). Between those jobs and the GA position, I should have more than enough money to pay my bills and continue saving at a decent rate.


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