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Blogs for Young Professionals? July 14, 2009

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In the past few months I’ve become a little bored with personal finance websites. It’s been mentioned by others that most pf sites offer very basic advice, and after spending nearly two years reading a dozen or more pf sites (not to mention being obsessed with managing my money), I think I’ve hit the point of “outgrowing” most sties.

I’ve been really busy this summer, and when I look at my Google Reader I realize that I haven’t really missed keeping up with most pf blogs, in fact, I barely think about them or care that I haven’t been keeping up. I just feel like I haven’t been learning much from them in the past six months or so, and they aren’t worth the time and effort to keep up with anymore.

This may be in part due to my change in income this summer (from being salary for the past two years to working random days for an hourly wage plus tips at the summer bartending job). That, combined with the fact that I will be in grad school and have a limited amount of income this fall, means that learning about saving and investing – beyond what I already do – isn’t really applicable at the moment. (Most of my money goes into savings, plus $200/month going to my Roth IRA. Until last month I was also contributing to my employer’s retirement plan, but as I am no longer employed there that’s no longer an option.)

When I do have time to be online, I find myself more drawn toward sites for young professionals. Lately I’ve been reading Employee Evolution and Movin’ On Up, as well as random articles like this one from US News and World Report: “7 Mistakes Recent Grads Make at Work”.

Anyone have other suggestions for blogs or websites geared toward young professionals, graduate students, or people entering new fields/positions/careers? Or sites that combine personal finance advice with job/career advice or stories?


2 Responses to “Blogs for Young Professionals?”

  1. Hank Says:

    The “7 Mistakes” article was an interesting one. The one I have seen more new-hires make is assuming that getting the job is the difficult part. I have news for you – keeping the job, and then moving up the ladder is the difficult part.

    I suppose the mistake comes down to is “Forgetting that you are replaceable until you prove yourself irreplaceable.”

  2. Robert Says:

    The lack of quality blogs for young professionals used to bother me too. Now that I have a little more experience I’ve decided to create my own young professionals blog. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned and hopefully others will join in and share their experiences.


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