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Update on the USBank Credit Card Saga May 4, 2009

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I stopped by USBank today to find out what’s going on with my credit card (and/or throw a fit and close all of my accounts). Things went much better than I expected.

The banker I met with was much more helpful than I anticipated. He called the credit card people to find out what was going on, and learned that the company actually made a mistake. They meant to lower the credit limits on a certain type of card (their college student cards, I believe), and unintentionally lowered the limits on a variety of cards they offer. They’re in the process of sorting out the mistake, but since I went in to complain, my card is one of the first to be restored to it’s previous limit.

I actually requested a limit increase also, which I had been planning to do before they cut my limit. I’d like to travel some this summer, and want to make sure I have enough credit to buy plane tickets and also handle any emergencies while traveling, should they arise. They said that my card should immediately be restored to the old limit, and I’ll receive word in a week or two about the limit increase.

I just tried to log into my online banking, and it says the page cannot display. So I guess I still can’t use my card for a while, since I don’t know for sure what’s going on!


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