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The New Job April 20, 2009

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Well, opening weekend at the stadium is over. Friday night was insane. Saturday and Sunday were day games and pretty slow, but Friday was absolutely crazy.

Friday night tips were good, Saturday and Sunday not so much. Sunday’s game actually ended up being rained out, after delaying for an hour. I guess getting paid for 4 hours of work plus my $11 in tips isn’t too bad for there not actually being a game!

I’m hoping that in May and June I make enough money from the bartending job to cover my expenses, and I can put my normal paychecks straight into savings each month.

My monthly expenses are:
Car insurance: $44
Cell phone: $60
Netflix: $5
Roth IRA: $200

I guess those are my only real “expenses” each month, and the IRA isn’t even a real expense since it’s savings. The bartending job should more than cover those things plus groceries, gas, etc. I’ve been putting half of each paycheck into savings, but it’ll be nice to be able to put the whole thing away each month.

Other notes:
-mileage reimbursement coming soon: about $55
-meals reimbursement coming soon: $52
-closed a 30-month CD (at nearly 5%) before it rolled over (at 1.25%). I need to figure out what to do with that money (about $600).

Also – I’m the FBLA adviser here, and the State Leadership Conference was last week. Three of my students did well enough to be invited to the National Leadership Conference, so work will pay for me to take those students to Anaheim for 4 days in June!


One Response to “The New Job”

  1. HGH Says:

    You keep your monthly expenses very low. That’s good! Also IRA is not really an expense like you already said it.

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