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March Wrap-Up March 30, 2009

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Wow, March has been a rough money month for me.

Part of the reason was due to spring break. I went home for about four days. When I am at work, I very rarely frequent bars or restaurants. My job doesn’t allow for relaxing with a cold beer after work, and I don’t really know anyone here who I would call and invite to spend a evening out on the town with me anyway. I am learning to cook and actually enjoy spending time in the kitchen, so I rarely go out to eat. However, when I’m in my hometown, going out to eat and going to bars is how I get to see many of my friends in my limited time there, instead of just the few I could see if I tried to meet with everyone individually. I tend to let myself splurge, because the travel expenses are minimal (it’s a 4 hour drive one way, and I stay with family or friends), and because I don’t go home often (this was the second time I’ve been home since 01 Jan, and the first time was for a quick overnight trip just to help my brother with some stuff).

Total Damages:
Restaurants and bars: $115.81
(I was in town from Saturday – Wednesday, so I only had one weekend night. There are really cheap drink specials every weeknight.)
Gasoline: $27.29
Other: $159
Total: $302.10

(“Other” includes a new business suit, my contribution toward a bridal shower gift, and a few personal things.)

Another hit to my finances this month: taking the GRE last week. I had already decided how to budget for that, but for now it’s on my credit card, making my situation look worse than it is. Cost of GRE = $140. I also spent $25 on going out to dinner with a friend afterward.

Positive notes:
I spent a few days traveling for work at the end of spring break (which is why I was only home for about 4 days), and I should be getting a reimbursement check for travel expenses soon.

This month I was hired for a summer job I will have in town starting next month. I’ll be bartending at a minor league baseball stadium here, probably working there almost every night that the team is in town. Since my “real job” is a school-year job, I’ll start looking for a second summer job in May. At this point I’m not certain what type of job I will be looking for – if I do the graduate program, I’ll want a job I can continue through the school year (perhaps in banking or finance), but if I work at my current job next year, I’ll need a job just through June and July. So I’m in no hurry yet to figure out where else to work this summer.

Anyone else excited about baseball season? Opening night at the stadium in town is 17 April, and my STL Cardinals have their first home game 06 April! Who are you cheering for?


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