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Always Tip Your Pizza Delivery Driver March 27, 2009

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As I’ve mentioned before, I work in Res Life on a college campus. Part of my job is working at the front desk a few hours per week. Most of my hours are on weekdays, but I work about 3 weekend nights per month (either Friday or Saturday). Needless to say, there are lots of pizzas delivered here on those nights.

One of the major chain pizza places has a program where they give the front desk worker a “Front Desk Card” each time they deliver to the building. When you have 10 cards, you can call and get a free pizza. The goal, I’m sure, is to have desk workers encouraging students to order from this particular place.

A couple weekends ago I was at the desk, hungry, and not wanting to spend money, so I decided to redeem some of my cards. I called and ordered my pizza, and when the delivery driver got here, I had my cards on the desk and a $2 tip for him. I usually tip delivery drivers a dollar or two anyway (unless a place charges for delivery), and especially since I was getting a free pizza I didn’t mind to throw in a couple bucks for the delivery driver.

He noticed the cards and money, and before I even picked up the cards to hand them to him, he said hey, since you’re giving me a tip, keep the cards. I’m guessing very few people bother to tip their delivery driver when they get a free pizza! But for $2, I scored a second free pizza. Huzzah!

(Okay, yeah, the “huzzah” is mostly there because I don’t really get a chance to use the word very often . . . )


2 Responses to “Always Tip Your Pizza Delivery Driver”

  1. WOO HOO! :)

    How nice of him.

  2. now in my rss reader)))

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