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Desperation at Christmas December 22, 2008

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I am in my hometown for the holidays. When I got into town, my brother told me that my father’s house was broken into a week or two ago. Nothing was taken, but they went through a lot of drawers and filing cabinets. The police told my father that this has been happening around town, and that the intruders were likely just hoping to find a lot of cash sitting around, saved up to buy Christmas presents.

Shortly after I learned this, my mother warned me to be very careful if I go to an ATM. She said people have been watching customers take money out of ATMs, then following them to wherever they are going and robbing them when they get out of their car.

I rarely carry cash, but I have thought about getting cash a few times while I’ve been home. I’ve found that I actually have been scared to go to the ATM, particularly since I am usually alone and it gets dark so early now!

Last night, I stayed at my father’s house, and I was the only person there. I found myself getting nervous and jumpy every time the house creaked!

I am from a small town – things like this don’t generally happen there. I am also not one to get scared easily – in fact, I tend to be overconfident when it comes to potentially dangerous situations.

I’ve been telling myself that it is just because Christmas is around the corner, people are desperate for money to buy gifts for their loved ones. But Christmas happens every year, and I don’t remember these things ever happening in my hometown before this year! Is this stuff happening because of the economic downturn? And if so, will it really get better after the holidays? Or is concern about the holidays masking a bigger problem?

What do you think?


One Response to “Desperation at Christmas”

  1. Robert Says:

    Nothing wrong with only going out at night with friends. I grew up in NYC and the most dangerous places felt safe on Sunday during the late morning

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