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You Should Host A Dinner Party! November 23, 2008

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This month I have been following along with Ramit Sethi’s Save $1000 in 30 Days Challenge on his blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

I started this blog in part to link to other sites when something jumps out at me as being particularly useful or cool advice. Yesterday, Ramit posted a tip about having people over for dinner. He explains that the main reason for going out to dinner with friends is to socialize, and that can be done just as effectively (and usually much more cheaply) at home. He posts an excerpt from a book, which recommends keeping things very simple (and including plenty of simple wine). You can have friends each bring a dish, or just buy some simple foods that are already prepared.

I think this is an awesome idea! I want to take it a step further though. Since I rarely have reason to cook, I’d love to get a group of people together to actually make dinner as well. This way we could learn from each other, or learn together!

Do you have dinner parties or get-togethers with your friends? If so, what advice would you offer to others who want to plan such events?


One Response to “You Should Host A Dinner Party!”

  1. KarinsBuckaroo Says:

    We have different friends over for dinner once a week. The dinner is usially very simple. And we get a chance to be social while we are waiting for the food to finish cooking, during the meal or afterwards.

    The other way we save money and eat healthier food is to meet friends for coffee or tea, not a meal.

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