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Teaching Personal Finance Classes November 20, 2008

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Last week I learned about a great opportunity to get involved in my community. A faculty member on the campus where I work told me about a program in town where some church organization grants financial assistance to needy people in the community. They let the receivers “pay back” the amount they “borrowed” by either working at one of the church’s volunteer ministries OR by taking classes on personal finance topics, thereby “repaying their loan” at a rate of $10 per hour. In these classes, they learn some basics about personal finance, such as budgeting, how credit cards work, etc. Those who borrow money are only asked to work or take classes until they have “paid back” the amount they borrowed, but are certainly welcome to continue volunteering or attending classes if they so desire.

I called the person in charge of the program earlier this week, and I have a meeting with him tomorrow to learn more about the program and how I might be able to help teach these personal finance classes. I am very excited about this opportunity and will post an update when I have a better idea of how this all will work!


3 Responses to “Teaching Personal Finance Classes”

  1. wendy j Says:

    I think that is such an inventive way to help people who are struggling financially! Financial education is sorely lacking in our country and is a big part of the reason why we are in this financial mess right now. I would love to see more emphasis on teaching kids about money and personal finance in school. I work to teach my nieces and nephew so they will make smart money choices as they get older.

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