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Welcome! November 12, 2008

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Have you ever read personal finance books and felt like nothing really applied to you? Maybe you’re not married (and are tired of being told to discuss finances with your spouse), or don’t have/want children (and therefore you’re not worried about college funds). Maybe you have 30+ years until retirement, and therefore aren’t particularly worried about how the stock market does in the short-term. Or maybe you’d like advice about retiring early – and by “early” you don’t mean 60, you mean 40 (or even younger!). Maybe you’re torn because you want to make sure you enjoy your “youth” . . . but you also realize the value of compound interest. Maybe your priority isn’t to have a stable, full-time, good-paying job – maybe its having a job you love, regardless of pay, or a job that allows you to take time off work to travel when you want to. I’m sure there are other ways that “traditional” financial advice may not apply to you.

My name’s Stephanie, and I’m a 20-something currently living in the Midwest who has become somewhat obsessed with personal finance in the past year or so. I haven’t found a lot of information geared toward younger people, or anyone else who doesn’t fall into that “traditional” category. I decided to record and share information I do find here, so I have it all in one place – and hopefully that helps you, too! I’d also like to share parts of my own financial journey, including my goals and how I’m working to achieve them. Welcome to my blog!

If you have any questions, tips, or advice of your own, feel free to share in the comments or by emailing me:


3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Beth Says:

    I look forward to seeing lots of posts from the girl next door.

  2. Allese Says:

    Great intro Stephanie! And fantastic looking blog! Cheers to starting one!

  3. Your blog is definitely a similar flavor of my own. We have allot of the same ideas to share, so we should definitely network!

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